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Omcan USA 45199 39 Countertop Double Deck Electric Pizza Oven

Omcan USA 45199 39 Countertop Double Deck Electric Pizza Oven

Omcan USA 45199 39 Countertop Double Deck Electric Pizza Oven

Chef's Deal Restaurant Equipment. Omcan USA 45199 39 Countertop Double Deck Electric Pizza Oven.

(PE-IT-0038-DS) Entry Max Series Pizza Oven, deck-type, electric, 39W, double chamber, (29.3) cu. Interior capacity, 842°F (450°C) max temperature, (2) mechanical thermostats per chamber, stainless steel doors with glass, left-sided handles, stainless steel front, 11.2kW, 220v/60/1-ph, Made in Italy. Deck Depth (front - back). Deck Width (Side - Side).

Omcan ENTRY MAX SERIES PIZZA OVENS WITH SINGLE CHAMBER AND DOUBLE CHAMBER. Perfect machine to seal your bubble tea, and other drinks.

With this automatic sealer you will not have to worry and your drinks spilling. Stainless steel front, two mechanical thermostats per chamber, heat resistant, light, main switch for each chamber, stainless steel door with glass and handle (Each chamber is independent).

Up to 2 single-chamber oven can be placed on top of each other without the need for an exhauster connection. Upon request the machines can be produced in a "full refractory stone" version and for single-phase operation.

Special Order are available for the following upon request: stands, casters, hoods, vents and suction motor. Your Complete Line of Restaurant and Bar Equipment! Ranging from colossal projects as convenient stores to smaller restaurant & bar, our Project and Design Team will help you through entire process to put together the business of your dreams. At Chef's Deal, we help you Design-Build with best quality product and best service that fits all budgets!

At Chef's Deal we help businesses of all sizes, from Contractors to Architectures, HVAC and Plummer Companies, Convenience stores to Markets, Restaurants and Bars, Hotels, Motels, County Clubs, Golf Clubs, Churches, Butchers, Bakeries, Caterers, Delis, Retirement and Nursing Homes, Institutions, Food Trucks, Concessions, pretty much anyone who needs anything for a commercial kitchen and bar. Running a kitchen is your job, keeping it running is ours! Put the power and experience of the Chef's Deal team to work for you! However, we will assist you with the paperwork and provide you with the originals of the B.

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Omcan USA 45199 39 Countertop Double Deck Electric Pizza Oven